Monday, August 03, 2009

David and Ryan

August 3rd, 2009: Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 85* and Clear. Picked the guys up at 5:30, went and caught bait and looked for fish. Found a school, set down on them and caught a few. Got back on the big motor and looked for about 3 miles and found what I wanted to see, the guys jumped up and tried to get the baits in the water. I baited Ryan first, he deployed his line while I baited Dave, Dave went to put his out, Ryan's went off and for the next 30 minutes they were running around the boat like a couple of Chickens with their heads cut off. For 15 minutes they couldn't get but 4 or 5 lines in the water without getting hooked up. One time Dave came running to the back of the boat asking for bait, got tied up in two lines that were still hooked to fish laying on the deck, almost tripped going back to the front of the boat, before he could get his line in the water the rod next to him went off, got tangled in another line that he had just left dangling over the side, I cleared it and he got the fish in. They did excellent handling the action, and it was over as quick as it started. We caught 15 keeper Stripers this morning, came off the water at 9:30 and gave John the rest of our baits[He had started the day with about 200 baits and had used them all up]. David and Ryan took home 7 Stripers and released the others to fight again. Mark, we missed you today, they needed your help.

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