Wednesday, September 23, 2009


September 23rd, 2009: Sunny and warm, Water temperature 78* and clear.
Finally got my new Lowrance HDS8 yesterday, installed it and went out playing today. I spent about 6 hours on the big motor learning the features and playing with different screens. After I got completely dialed in I called my wife and invited her out for a couple hours, went and caught bait and met her at the dock a little after 12. I told her we were going to fish someplace that I haven't fished to try to locate some fish for my clients the rest of the week. I put out 15 lines and pulled a 2 mile stretch , working from 2 foot of water out to 45 foot. We had 7 hook-ups and all the fish were about the same size, not bad for the heat of the day. Jeanne is pictured holding a couple of the fish she caught, We released all the fish, hopefully they will live to fight another day.

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