Friday, September 18, 2009

Joey and Patty

September 18th, 2009: Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 76* and Clear.
Left the marina at 5:45 and headed to where I caught bait yesterday. Someone had already beat me to the spot but it did not matter, there was no bait there or anywhere within 500 yards of the place. To make a Long story short, we looked and threw for the next 4 hours and only caught 8 baits! At 10 I needed a break so we put the baits out in a bay and pulled it for 45 minutes, boating 2. The sun was trying to peek out so we got the baits in and went looking for more bait. At 2:15 we had caught only a dozen more so we went to where I found fish yesterday and put our spread out. We worked the area for a couple hours and boated 5 more Stripers. Since bait was so hard and I felt so bad about the limited time we fished I stayed out longer than normal and didn't come in till 4:30. Joey and Patty were happy and thrilled with the day but I surely was pretty bummed out. I actually threw for bait for 7 hours today, ruined 1 net and tore the braille lines on a brand new net. I knew we could catch nice fish but we could not find bait anywhere. We limped in to the marina , my gas needle was almost a quarter inch past empty! My gas tank holds 25 gallons and I put 26 gallons in it at the end of the day.
On a brighter note, when I got home my wife Jeanne came running out of the house with some great news, she had just heard from her Doctors that her Biopsy on her Lymph Glands came back negative! All of our prayers have been answered, for the time being she is cancer free!
Many thanks to everyone who has prayed for her and helped up through this ordeal.

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Randy Catlett said...

Great news about your wife, Praise the LORD.