Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mel Chaiet with friends John, Vince and Fran

October 1st, 2009: Partly Sunny and Cool, Water Temperature 74* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 6 at the marina and went to find bait. Bait was tough again this morning and by 8:30 we finally had 25 pieces so we went fishing. Set up a spread of 10 Water Bugz planner boards, a bobber and 4 downlines and worked a flat where I new some nice fish were using. We made pass after pass on the flat getting strikes every time. On the first pass we had 4 different fish boil the baits but would not take them. We worked the area till noon, then we were forced to leave. There is this pesky Osprey that loves to harass us by diving on our baits, picking up one, flying under all the other lines then when he ascends he ties up all the lines and lifts the rods out of the holders, almost throwing them in the lake. This is the third time in 2 weeks that this has happened. Well today he messed up all the rods and we had to loose our baits and retie and untangle the lines leaving us with no bait to fish with. After straightening the lines out we went to look for more bait. I found some deep but could not catch it due to the water being so clear so I went to where I caught it this morning and found some shallow in 4 feet of water and made a cast catching about 30. Yea! I asked the guys if they wanted to go back and work the area we fished this morning or try a new area, they opted for new. I set out the spread and pulled a couple mile stretch taking a few hits and boating a couple more fish. Today we had 17 fish on but could only boat 9, for whatever reason? I would expect October fishing to really turn on next week and resume the great fishing that we have enjoyed all year.

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