Friday, October 23, 2009

Sam, his Dad and Pop

October 23rd, 2009: Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 63*and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 6 and went and caught bait. Set out a spread of boards and downlines and worked a shallow flat this morning hoping to catch fish up feeding. We pulled about 400 yards before we had our first hit. Within a few minutes baits were getting clobbered, the guys were running around the boat, most of the lines were getting tangled and the only one to boat a fish was Sam. I straightened and retied the lines, turned and made another pass with similar results. By now we had lost 5 or 6 fish and only had a Sam's fish in the box. I reviewed with the guys again how to work the fish once we hooked up and hit the point again. Pop hooked up with a freight train, it took him around the boat while Steve worked his fish in and around 3 other rods. I netted Steve's fish but in the excitement Pop somehow lost a nice one. Turned around and hit the same point again and Sam hooked up and boated his fish. We worked the area until we ran out of bait, went and caught some more and set up on some similar structure. By now the sun was out and the fishing slowed down. We worked our way back to the point where we had previously caught the fish and took a couple more hits before calling it quits for the day. Today we had a minimum of 30 strikes, most of which hooked up and the guys took home a few for a fish fry at the lake tonight.

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