Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dwayne and Herbert

Sunny, Cold morning turning to beautiful afternoon, Water Temperature 64* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 6 and used my Lowrance to guide me through the fog to where I caught bait. Since there was a major Bass tournament today I was concerned of safety where I wanted to start fishing so I set up on the side out of the main thoroughfare hoping not to get run over. Within 5 minutes a friend of mine was beside me and a fool in a Bass boat just missed the front of his boat by inches. I have no clue how much money these guys were fishing for but to drive 70 mph in the fog must be worth risking their lives. Back to fishing. I worked the area for awhile till the fog lifted then moved across the lake with my spread of 10 boards and 7 downlines. We caught a couple fish but a friend called saying he caught 2 fish in a different pattern so we got the lines in and made a move. We went to where Brian had been fishing, set out a spread and made the pull but the fish had already moved. I duplicated the pattern and caught a few fish but I did not like my bait so we threw our bait away and caught some more baits. I again set out our spread with the fresh baits and proceeded to pop a few very nice fish. Herman is pictured holding a nice Bass and the largest fish that he has ever caught in the lake. When you see a screen looking like the one on my Lowrance, you better get ready, obviously Dwayne was when he popped a couple nice Stripers.

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