Monday, October 18, 2010

Jim Stryker and Charlie

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 65* and Slightly Stained.
Picked the guys up at High Point just before 6am and went to catch bait. Made about 20 throws and filled the tank with some beautiful baits. Made about a 10 mile run to an area I thought may be holding fish and put out a spread of planner boards. We had only gotten 5 out when the first fish hit and Charlie jumped on the rod and landed the fish. I finished putting out my spread and pulled a very large bay consisting of numerous humps and points but after an hour we had only put one other Striper in the boat so I decided to make a move to where we saw fish earlier. I set out a spread of 10 boards, a bobber, a freeline and 6 downlines and pulled the area for 2 hours. We boated a couple fish and lost a couple more but I was still not happy with our catch so we got the baits in, went and caught more bait and headed back to where we started the day and pulled that area for a couple hours, catching 1 on a downline but nothing else. We again got all the baits in and made one final move. I located some fish over 32 feet of water so we put downlines on them but they would not hit. It was getting late so I kept the trolling motor on 5 and baited every rod I had. We had a spread of boards 100 yards wide and downlines at different depths. Next thing we knew boards started going off, then the downlines with the boards and within a 300 yard area everything we had got clobbered. We ended up having a great day, Jim did not want to keep too many fish so we called it a day.
It appears that some of the lake has turned over, traditionally about a week after fall turnover the Stripers go crazy feeding up for the fall. Its about time!

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