Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brad, Casey and Cliff

Brad got in touch with me about a week ago to fish today and take his daughter Casey out on the lake but I was previously booked so I hooked him up with Tony. Before Tony had deployed all the baits they started taking hits. Tony had got on the water at 4 to catch bait to insure they could be fishing at daylight and it payed off with a nice stringer of Stripers. Today they had about 20 hookups, caught 9 Stripers, a nice Bass and a Catfish. The wind blew most of the day restricting Tony from fishing where he wanted to.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that trip wasn't March 3rd? The date on the camera sure thinks so. Not a bad idea to use old pictures. You can always make sure you have a good day fishing:)

Jim Hemby said...

To whomever Anonymous is...The date on the camera was wrong, it must be nice to be able to make accusations without giving your name, chicken S.

Anthony Hicks said...

I think we all know who chicken S is