Monday, April 02, 2012

Dan and Jacob Ourada

Sunny and Cold Front, Water Temperature 63* and Clear.
We got out at 6 and went to catch bait. The wind was Howling and a storm had just blown through. We caught 38 baits then I looked for awhile for a place where I could fish where I could somewhat control the boat and my baits. I had only gotten 3 lines wet when Jacob hooked up with the first Striper of the day. While he was trying to get it off the hook another Striper hooked up but got off before getting to the boat. Unfortunately where we took hits the lake was white capping so all I could do was try to keep the boat heading straight while I put baits out. We worked the area for about 2 hours boating 4 Stripers. Eventually we ran out of bait and had to catch some more. Fishing was SLOW but we hung in there and Jacob ending up having a ball catching Stripers. Today was an extremely slow day but Jacobs patience and fishing ability paid off with a nice stringer of fish.

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