Friday, September 28, 2012

An Fun Day on the water

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 77* and Clear.
I picked Dwayne and Terry at 5:15 then went and filled my bait tank up with beautiful baits. I then ran to a 30 foot flat with some humps and flats rising to 8 feet and put out a spread of boards. Before I knew it we started hooking up and by 7am the guys did not know what hit them. What a good way to wake up, at first light everything I had out had been hit. The guys were fighting doubles and other fish were on but they could not do anything with them. Everyone was running around the boat, fish all over the floor, but it was very organized and the guys did a great job. I rebaited all the rods while I was turning the boat around and at the same time the guys were taking fish off the hooks and feeding me rods to bait. We hit the area again but only had a few hits, the fish had moved on. We fished for a while then caught 50 more baits and fished the rest of the day.We got caught in a major downpour and was unable to take a picture of the fish but I did catch some pics on my Lowrance of what we were fishing today. The top two pictures are of a school of Stripers over a 12 foot flat. We had gotten most of our rods in by then because of the storm. The bottom picture is Stripers hugging the bottom on a ledge where we caught some fish. This afternoon the fish went very shallow before the storm. I sent the guys home with cooler overflowing with Stripers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey jim i work 5 days a week and most of the time only am able to fish on day a week due to the fact i coach football and little league baseball. I am thankful for the info that i pick up on ure blog. The water depths and what type of bait saves me from playing a guessing game come sunday. The info has been very helpful in allowing me too catch fish everytime ive been out and i appreciate it. Thanks justin dunkum