Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Wet Morning

This morning when I left the house at 4 am said there was only 20% chance of rain this morning. Well, we got all of the 20% and more. It rained almost 2 inches in a few hours. I located a couple of schools this morning before my clients couldn't take any more rain. These 2 Lowrance picture are of the same school that I followed about 3/4 of a mile and for about an hour. The lower picture shows 3 screens, the left screen is on bottom lock showing the bottom up to 7 feet off the bottom. The middle screen is traditional sonar showing the fish from the top to the bottom [note the fish streaking at the surface which was actually busting bait right at the back of my boat.] The right half of the screen is side scan showing fish all the way out to 60 feet on both sides of the boat. The upper picture was taken as I was loosing the school before I had to get back on my motor and move to catch up with the school. As you can see the fish at the end of the school were punks and not worth fishing for. Lately when I locate the school the nicer fish have been leading the pack and much more aggressive. It was raining way too hard when we got back to the dock at 9 to take pictures of a stringer of fish.

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