Saturday, October 20, 2012

Greg, Kevin, John, John, Vinnie and Anaconda Neal

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 67* and Clear.
I met the guys at High Point at 6am then went and caught bait. It being the weekend I knew there would be a lot of boat traffic so I decided to start off fishing deep with downlines instead of pulling boards and getting them cut off by bass boaters racing up the lake. That was probably the best decision I made today, 5 minutes after I set up you could hear the roar of motors a mile away running uplake to get to their fishing holes. We worked deeper flats catching a fish here or there but the fish were not real aggressive this morning. I found numerous schools but mostly small schools of 50 to 100 fish. We ran out of bait around 10 and had to go catch more. After catching bait we set up on some different structures and took plenty of hits but our landing ratio was not the best. Today we had 33 hookups, caught 13 Stripers and a couple of Kitties. The guys took home a dozen fish to cook out at Kevin's tonight. We have to thank Neal for most of the fish, he had a unique way of calling the fish to the boat. He would fill his bladder up with beer then have to empty it, and every time he pulled the snake out the rods would double over.

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