Monday, December 17, 2012

A fun day on the water

Cloudy and cool, Water temperature 48* and Clear.
I had a trip scheduled for this morning but my client had to cancel the trip due to some very unfortunate circumstances. My boat was ready so I decided to go by myself and take my dog with me. I left the marina around 7 and went looking for bait. Once I found it I made 3 throws and put 60 baits in the tank. Since I was just playing this morning I did not put out but 8 boards and a bobber and I am glad that is all I put out due to the action I had. Within the first hour of the morning I must of ran a mile around my boat trying to keep up. I did not want to keep any fish so I was throwing them back as soon as I could, rebaiting and setting the lines back out. I had worked my way past a friends house while I fighting fish. He saw what was going on and called me to see if I needed help. I welcomed the extra hands so I got my lines in, picked him up, caught 60 more baits and went somewhere else to fish. We fished for a couple hours and boated these 7 nice Stripers. All worked out well, as I was typing this blog his wife called and invited up over for a Striper dinner. It was great fishing today without the pressure to perform for my clients and being able to try areas that I have not fished before recently.

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