Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Craig and Dan

Sunny and Windy, Water Temperature 49* and clear.
When I got to the marina this morning to launch my boat the guys were already there waiting to go. We went and caught bait then set out a spread of boards right at the crack of dawn. I told the guys we had limited time to catch these fish because once the other boaters came around us it would be over. We were able to make 3 passes on a spot I liked and boated 4 of the largest fish of the day. Once the first boat came in it was over, the fish quit hitting. Obviously there has been so much fishing pressure boat motors are spooking the fish. We moved on taking a hit once in a while when it had been quiet but there were a lot of fisherman out today. The wind got up pretty bad and when I could no longer control the boat we had to come off the water. I think the blue bird day, rising barometer and wind were three strikes against us today. The guys were very happy with their catch, they are fisherman who know how the elements can influence fishing. They booked the trip wanting to learn how to fish the lake for Stripers and today's challenges gave them plenty of opportunity to see how I react to adversity.  

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