Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lake Anna Stripers everywhere

 Tony's clients Julian and George
 Anthony and Brian
 Two Stripers hit one bait
 A school of Stripers this morning
Another school of Stripers
Cloudy and Rain, Water Temperature 81* and Clear
Today was the first day that I have been on the water since my motorcycle trip. Tony had a charter today and I invited Anthony and Brian to go out with me. We all got out early and caught bait and were ready to fish at first light. I had a special place I wanted to fish but on the way there we ran over fish for about 300 yards. We debated whether to keep going or stop and fish, we all wanted to keep on going but it was too hard to leave fish to find fish so we set out a few baits. We only put out 6 baits to see how big the fish may be and started taking hits immediately. After Anthony reeled in a double that hit the same bait we knew the fish wanted to eat.We popped 4 or 5 then decided to put out 17 rods, downlines, boards and bobber. We did not stay in one place, we kept moving just to see what we could catch. After about 2 hours we ran completely out of bait. We had noticed some bait on my Lowrance so we got our lines in, turned the boat around and caught bait. We now had two full tanks of fresh bait so we went and checked out another area. Fishing was the same there as well, couldn't keep the fish off the hook. We could not communicate well with Tony, his phone only works part of the time. The part of the time that it does work is only when he wants to talk, imagine that! Obviously fishing was good for them by the looks of their stringer. We saw thousands of fish today on our Lowrance, a great sign for this time of year..

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