Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Bass

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 82* and Clear
I had promised my grandson Michael I would take him out one morning this weekend fishing and expected to take out another dad and son but never heard from them so I called Anthony and we hit the water before daylight. We knew the boat traffic would be horrible so we caught bait and agreed to stay out only for a couple hours because I did not want any drama today with boats. We set up and pulled an area for 100 yards but we did not like it so we wasted our baits and hit another area. We had got our spread out and were ready to hit the juice when I looked up and here came a skier right at us. We were up against the bank but it did not matter to them, they kept coming and circled us for 30 minutes. Michael could of had some fun reeling in a skier but it is a holiday weekend and people are simply clueless when they get around the water. We laughed it off, got our baits in and made another move. This time we set out downlines on some fish I saw on a ledge and hooked up. The first fish was a nice solid 5 pound bass. Michael wrestled it in, Anthony took the fish off and I snapped a picture. Before I could take another shot another rod bent over. Anthony yelled to Michael to give me that Bass and grab the other rod. I threw the Bass overboard as Michael reeled in yet another nice Bass, this one well over 6 pounds. Both Bass were chunky and healthy, obviously they had been eating well. The second Bass appeared to have just spawned, its tail was tore up, red and almost bleeding! We popped a quick pic then released the Bass back into the water where we caught her. Mike asked if he could go swimming because it was starting to get hot and Anthony jumped right up and emptied both bait tanks, we couldn't get off the water quick enough, we knew what the day was going to be like and welcomed the call from Michael to quit fishing. I should have taken a picture on my Lowrance of the Bass, they were stacked up on top of each other right on a ledge in 22 feet of water next to the main channel, text book summertime pattern especially with bluebird skies and massive boat traffic.

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