Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jeff, Jason, Lee and Steven

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 68* and Clear
We started the morning off looking for bait. As I was cruising by the park I heard something strange so I slowed the boat down. The sound was a Coyote howling up in the field. We listened to him for a couple minutes then moved on.  
Yesterday was another difficult day for bait collection, I threw for about 3 hours to get enough Big Gizzards to go fishing. We went to an area of the lake where there were no boats and set out a spread of boards pulling flats and humps nearby a mouth of a creek. After an hour of waving boaters away from my spread so they would not run over my lines and boaters running through the areas I wanted to work I decided to reel everything in, throw the baits away and go elsewhere. This time I changed tactics and looked for deeper fish and worked them with downlines. The move paid off, we found Stripers and every time we went over them we would have numerous hook ups. We got busted there from the guy who we had to wave off of our spread earlier. He had followed us from one arm of the lake to the other arm, saw us reel in a fish, turned around and trolled his motor right over the point where we were catching Stripers between us and the bank. Sometimes I wonder if these inconsiderate fisherman intentionally want to spook the fish we are working or are they just clueless? Needless to say we did not catch another fish on that point the rest of the afternoon. Although he ruined the fishing he did not ruin our day, we had fun on a beautiful day on Lake Anna.

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