Sunday, October 06, 2013

Mike, Michael, Stephen, Jameson and Gary

 Jameson's first Striper
Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 77 and Clear 
My crew wanted to go out early this morning to see what catching bait was all about so we picked them up at 5am and hit the water. With the warming water temperatures bait has repositioned which made bait collection quite challenging. Our first set up was over 20 to 30 foot flats pulling a mixture of boards and downlines. We popped one fish after about 15 minutes on a board and continued to pull the area. Once I got out into a main thoroughfare I noticed a lot of Stripers on my Lowrance and alerted the crew to get ready. We started hooking up and worked the area till the boat traffic ran us and the school off the ridge we were working. We went and caught more bait then set up over an area where there was actually little boat traffic and plenty of fish on the Lowrance. We started hooking up again but got busted by a troller in a pontoon boat. I knew we were in trouble and warned everyone that this guy will circle us like a Buzzard spooking this school because he has done it many times in the past. He was true to form and circled in closer and closer till I couldn't steer my spread without tangling up a whole side of boards. By now the skiers and Jet skiers were using our boat as a bouy to ski around so we moved on. We knew the fishing was over but we hung in there for a couple more hours just to pop a couple more fish. Four year old Jameson is pictured holding his first Striper that he had ever caught. Even though boat traffic got bad today the Conner boys had a great day on the water and took home plenty of memories.


Anonymous said...

You talk like you own the lake! If 9600 acres aren't enough for you to find a spot to fish, you must not be that good. If I ever see you down there I'll make sure to crowd you a bit just because of your selfish, child-like comments. Learn to share, I'm sure God didn't build that lake just for you!

Rick Rollick said...

He was on a spot, JUST ONE, of hundreds or thousands on that 9600 acre lake. God didn't build the lake man did but GOD does know when people are being courteous to others and when they are not. So you would be the one being child-like to go out of your way to intrude into that one spot he worked hard to find. If you are a man who fishes you are the lazy one and not very good at if you can't find your own spot. Go find your own fish and let the man make a living.