Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dialing in a new outboard

Greg and Carlos

Today I wanted to take my boat out and set up my new motor so I called Greg and he said he could get off around lunch time. He came over and we hit the lake around noon and we took the boat for a ride. I had water in my bait tanks so I could prop the boat out properly and we decided to catch some bait and fish for a hour or so. I did not see any bait main lake so we ran into the back of a creek and caught about 120 baits. We hit one place and popped two in ten minutes but we released them. We made a short move and set up on a 100 yard stretch. Five minutes after getting our baits in the water we had a deck full of Stripers. We rebaited our lines, counted the fish and needed 2 more for a limit. Before we knew it Greg had boated 2 more Stripers and we were done.  He threw those fish in the box and before we could get our other 8 lines up we hooked up numerous times and released those fish. Not bad for an hour of fishing! I have been off the water for about 2 weeks now with the exception of breaking my motor in a couple hours last week. The reason Greg is smiling so much is that the big fish he caught is 34 inches long. Carlos is in the picture because he just wanted to see what it was like to hold up a stringer of fish....I should have made him hold them up for 10 to 15 seconds like he sometimes does my clients but I couldn't do that to him.

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