Saturday, April 02, 2016

Quite an Interesting Day

 Evan, David, Dean and Jeff

 Fish on the ground wouldn't fit on the stringer.

Sam, Nathan, Janet and Kimmy

Funky weather today...Warm and rain in the morning with South wind, then cold front blowing threw with the wind changing to the north dropping air temps 10 degrees in 2 hours then east wind and showers then South winds and full sun????? Tony and I both fished today and laid the smack down on some Stripers. He took Janet, Kimmy and Sam and I took the other crew and together we caught 80 Stripers today. Smallest fish on the top stringer was 24 inches and the smallest one on the ground was 21inches...lots of nice fish. Our fish when they hooked up today clobbered the baits. The Water Bugz planner boards were skipping across the water in all directions but my crew met the challenge and did an exceptional job of controlling the fish. There was great action not only in the water but also in the boat. We filmed some of the nicer hook ups today and hopefully in the near future they will edit it, send it to me and I will post some of the chaos that went on today. My group had never done well on Anna before but after 10 minutes of throwing the net this morning I think they knew they were in for a treat today. Lots of fun on the water today.
This is just the beginning of a great Spring season. Contact us and come get you some!

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Ross Halbersma said...

That looked like it was a very fun day of fishing given all the weather variables of this "spring" fishing season. Well done! - Ross