Saturday, April 16, 2016

A beautiful day on the lake even if it was a Saturday

 Evan, David and Jeff

Evan with his largest fish ever! Over 36 inches and almost 19 pounds.

Sunny and Beautiful, Water Temperature 62* and Clear
A month ago Jeff called and said he just found me on the net and wanted to go see what this Striper fishing was all about. He said they had tried it with 0 success. We had a great conversation on the phone and he booked the first and third Saturdays in April. After spending a few hours on the boat on April 2nd I realized these guys were cool and we became friends. We slayed the fish that day so this morning I told them at 4:30am that we were going to try something a little different and target big fish. They were all in so we went and caught bait then went fishing. I started in a visible area since it was a Saturday and lured a lot of Striper fisherman in to the area. Once there was about 7 or 8 boats there we got our baits in and went elsewhere to have some fun. We took it easy and casually fished till we found what we wanted to then proceeded to work on um. We hooked up with 3 big fish all at once, turned around then hit them again. Boats were homing in on us so we left and went to refresh our bait tank. We came back and banged them again and that is when Evan hooked up with this nice Striper. In the two days we fished together we had so much fun with each other and made memories we will never forget. Good People, Good Weather, Good Fishing, Good Times....makes all my hard work worth it.    Got to Love the Outdoors.

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Ross Halbersma said...

That is an awesome fish! Anymore tied up in the lake?