Friday, August 19, 2016

A Great Morning on Lake Anna

 When you find this

 You should end up with this!
Sunny, Mikki, Taz and Will

 Mikki and her big one

Will with a nice Bass

Sunny and Warm, water Temperature 88*
This morning I put 200 Herring in the tank, picked my clients up and taught them how to deploy the baits. I then located a school of Stripers and set down on them. As I was baiting everyone the Stripers started blowing up around me and anxiety to say the least hit an all time high. They could only get a couple baits down before someone would screw things up but eventually after cutting 7 lines apart that got tangled the fish started hitting the deck. For 45 minutes it was constant action and by 7:30 we had 17 Stripers in the box. After the rush was over I looked, and looked and looked for other schools with no success. Finally I just set up on some structure and Mikki popped her nice Striper and we caught a few nice Bass. This morning the fishing was intense to say the least but the crew got it together and pulled it off. They thought they were going to have a leisurely morning sitting around reeling in a fish here and there....NOT.


MKS said...

Jim is the best!!!! We had a great time and once we got our act together, we were really fishing! :) Thank you, Jim! Mikki & Will

Dana Jenkins said...

WOW!!!! You guys caught a LOT OF FISH!!!!

Dana Jenkins said...

WOW!!!! You guys caught a LOT OF FISH!!!!