Saturday, August 06, 2016

Lowrance and Simrad Screen Shots

 In this Lowrance pic I had just thrown my cast net. You can see the net completely open on side scan. To the uneducated eye it appears like the net is falling sideways vrs horizontal but it is in fact falling perfectly. Side Scan is looking out to the side of the boat similar to a flashlight beam. The depth of the water is 22 feet, the surface being 0. The transducer is picking up the net as a side view falling through the water [dark blue] clearly showing the sinkers on the bottom of the net. I threw on some bait that were on the surface trapped in the top and right side of the net which slowed the decent of the net on that side.

 In this pic I threw on a very large school of bait and the diagonal line is the net falling through the bait. The screen is scrolling from right to left so the net hit the surface in the middle of the shot and fell straight to the bottom but because the screen is scrolling it appears that the net sunk at an angle.

 In this screen shot you can clearly see a major school of bait with a couple fish near the bottom of the school.
 This is another shot with a couple fish [yellow marks] in the middle of the bait.

 This Simrad shot shows where I scrolled back and looked at Stripers I had gone over a few minutes prior to taking the shot. Even after the fish have left the screen you can touch and drag the screen back into history and view the screen and if I wanted to return exactly to the spot simply waypoint it. I would then use my chart to return to the waypoint. On the Navionics chart above you can see my boat and that I was on the edge of the channel [brown area].

This shot is a school of punks. The arches are small, very little color in the arches and as you can see on side scan very small dashes out to the sides of the boat. Learn to identify what fish and size of the fish before you waist your bait and time working non keeper fish.

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Doug said...

Jim those shots with the lowrance. Is that gen2 or 3? And it looks like you are using pallete 1. I love those colors. Still getting my gen2 12 dialed in with the tm150m but might look into high and wide chirp transducer. Good screen on plane but was told to use fixed frequency 105 instead of medium chirp as medium chirp will not pick up fish past 15mph. Any advice? You can also email me at thanks