Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Lake has thawed!

Floyd and Anthony 
Sunny and Cold, Water Temperature 42* and Clear
Friday morning we went out after it started to warm up a little [19* at daybreak]. We checked a few places out and put a spread off boards out pulling flats. After 2 hours having only three short hits we made a move and tried another pattern. We immediately hooked up with three fish so we worked ledges for the next couple hours picking off a fish about every 15 minutes or so. Half the lake had been frozen for over a month so this was the first time I had been on the water for a while. There was a huge bait kill which will be good for fishing this year taking a lot of biomass out of the equation.  These two happy fishermen took the day off from their business to enjoy a cold but beautiful day on the water. Floyd owns FH Furr HVAC in Northern Va. and Anthony is the battery man, he owns the distributorship for Interstate batteries in Northern Va.

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Rob said...

Jim, what caused the bait kill?