Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lake Anna Stripers

Jarrett, Mike, Robbie and John

Cloudy and Chilly, Up lake 54*and mud, Mid lake 53* Stained and Down lake 59*and Clear
 Today was kind of a special day for me, not only did I get to celebrate my birthday on the water I also got to spend it with some good friends who are fisheries biologists working for Va. Game and Inland Fisheries. We try to get out a couple times a year to discuss the state of the fishery and compare their shocking and netting results with what I have experienced on the water relating to the Biomass and catching success for Stripers on the lake. Going fishing and catching some nice Stripers is a bonus while fishing with these guys. We usually have good luck as well fishing together, a couple of years ago we caught and released over 250 Stripers by One o'clock which is my personal best for numbers on the lake. Needless to say, these guys are very good at what they do, they manage the fishery very well for a lake that has so many challenges and "on paper" shouldn't even be a good fishery for Stripers. Today we had plenty of action and probably took close to 50 hits. The fish were not real aggressive but we did managed to limit out and had a good time doing it to. I have had a lot of clients and friends wanting me to resume posting pictures again so l will try to take the time to do so. 
Forecast for fishing this year: Should be excellent due to the upper portions of the lake freezing for about a month this winter killing a lot of the bait and the aggressive stockings of Stripers and Hybrids over the last several years.  

  PS: My birthday is actually February 29th but I like to get it over with sooner than later.

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