Saturday, April 28, 2018

Clyde Thompson

22 pounds, 34 1/2 inches
Clyde, Bobby, Bryce, David, Alex and Landon

Sunny and Warm, Water Temp 66*
Today was Clyde's day, first time fishing for Stripers and the first Striper he has ever caught! This Citation hooked up about 5 feet off the bank and headed straight toward the channel. Couldn't have been a better scenario, the fish hit and went away from the rest of the boards which made battling the fish a breeze. None of us realized how big the fish was till he hit the deck, it seemed as round as it was long! Overall fishing today was poor due to it being the weekend with a huge Bass tournament, gobs of Striper boats and every pleasure boater enjoying the 70 degree day. We are still anticipating the time when the Stripers will spawn so we can really have some fun. Hope it happens within the next few weeks.

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