Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Fishermen and Women

 Tony put Stewart, Melvin, Ken and Charlie on some nice ones!

 Doug and his family enjoyed a good morning on the water

 Frank caught this nice one with Tony

 Brian took Brenda and Yvonne out and caught a mess of fish

 Don took Roger and CJ out on a short trip for some Stripers

 Jason caught a nice 7 1/2 Largemouth

 Don hooked up Jason and Casey for some nice fish

Bubba is stocking the freezer with some sweet Crappie

These are some catches from the last few days from Lake Anna. Although the weather has ranged from the 20's up into the 80's and back with very windy days we are managing to keep on the fish. I can only imagine how good the fishing is going to be once the weather settles down. Let us Hook You Up by contacting us at or calling us at 540 967 3313 

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