Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Fun Day on Lake Anna

 My Lovely Wife Jeanne

Karen and Gang

I got out early this morning to catch bait for my clients [which was tough, thousands of small baits gilling in the net]. Clients needed fishing licenses but it took 30 minutes to get them this morning so we had a late start. We set up over a mid depth flat and started taking hits but mostly small fish. As the morning progressed the larger fish got active and we were having better hook-ups. We only fished four hours, caught a bunch of punks, 8 nice keepers and lost a few nicer fish that we could not land. It was a great morning, plenty of action, calm beautiful weather and beautiful Lake Anna. When I got to the marina to take pictures my wife called and said she was only a couple of miles away and had two free hours so we went out to fish some different places. I set out a dozen boards and next thing we knew half of them were hooked up and pulling drag! We boated four of them and set them out again. For an hour we constantly had fish on and had to quit because Jeanne could no longer reel any in. We lost count of how many fish we caught but we only kept six  to eat and give away and released well over a dozen more. I wish it could have been that frantic for my clients but I think it was the time of day that helped us. Just finished eating Striper for dinner and checking out the bruises on my wife's belly from reeling in Lake Anna Stripers! To book a charter, contact 967 3313

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