Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers are Rockin!

 Here is a school of decent Stripers on my Simrad. I am over a few
but as you can clearly see off to my left up to a hundred feet are a 
school of solid Stripers. Each mark is an individual fish, and we saw
this for well over 500 yards. Naturally seeing all the fih to the left of
my boat I turned to the left and we waxed them. Trusting your
electronics is everything when fishing for Stripers wherever you fish. 
When you see this, put your baits in their faces [here 27 to 30 feet], 
all your rods ought to hook up. This time of year the fish are not
aggressively feeding but if you put it in their faces it is hard for them 
to resist. Spend time with your electronics, put your baits at the exact 
depth and reap the rewards. It is certainly more rewarding to locate
your own fish and catch them than seeing someone else catching them 
and encroaching on them. When you apply thee tactics your success 
rate will certainly improve.

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