Thursday, April 23, 2020

Lake Anna is giving up more Citations!

 Carman holding up her 23 inch post spawn Largemouth!
This Citation was released back to fight another day.

 Katie with her Citation Hybrid "Wiper"

 Mike Jones with a 32 pound Citation Catfish
Picture does not do this fish justice!

 Mike with one of many nice Bass today

 Katie, Nanette, John and Joshua Carradice
These are 8 of about 20 fish caught this morning

 Katie with dinner for 4

 Joshua hooked up with his first Striper of the morning

 Bryan and Mike
8 of 15 Stripers caught late in the afternoon

 Bryan's four fish limit yesterday afternoon,
released a dozen more.

 Bryan and I are constantly looking for fish to take our clients
 on future trips. Here are a few we caught in a 3 hour period.

Spring is here, fish are either spawning or seriously thinking
about it and feeding well. Want to get out of the house and 
enjoy beautiful Lake Anna and catch some fish? Contact:  540 967 3313

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