Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lake Anna Cold Front Stripeers

 Glen and Bryan

Yesterday we had two sets of clients cancel out and we had already planned on going fishing so Bryan and I met first thing in the morning and went out. On the way to the marina it was 31 degrees, quite a change from the 80"s a couple days earlier. As we went to catch bait we noticed the water temps had dropped from 65 two days ago to 56 this morning. The bait had pulled out off the banks and went deep, making them hard to catch. After two hours of throwing we had about 60 nice baits and went fishing. We didn't have clients so we decided to do something completely different trying to locate fish for another day. We put out only four baits and for about two hours we would get bit about every 10 to 15 minutes. The Stripers were not aggressive but by fishing this particular pattern we hooked up with about 20 nice fish and kept a few for us and our friends for an Easter diner on Sunday. Spring weather fluctuates so much you have to be prepared to change up your tactics to continually catch fish. 80 degrees last week, 31Saturday morning, rain, high winds and tornado warnings for tonight and tomorrow morning, back down into the 30's next week, CRAZY!

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