Thursday, July 02, 2020

Enjoy Independance Day on Lake Anna

 Luke, Micki, Dave, Barton, Scott and Noelle

 This is a pic of a school of Stripers from 25 to 44 feet thick.
In the upper third of the water column you can see a client fighting
a nice Striper. When you are on um like this, you have no excuse
not to catch Stripers if you are using live bait!

I intentionally have cropped the screenshots removing 
the map so every Striper fisherman fishing this weekend
on Lake Anna aren't butting heads on this particular spot.
FYI....Stripers are always moving and never stay in the 
same area for much time, use your electronics and locate 
fish on your own, it is much more rewarding than seeing a
bunch of boats in a area and crowding them.

Bryan put his clients on some nice Stripers this morning as we always do. A busy holiday weekend is approaching so please everyone boating over the fourth be careful, be safe and celebrate your independence, don't take it for granted, it is precious and I pray we can keep it that way. If you would like to reserve a charter on Lake Anna fishing with the Pro's check us out at or contact us at   540 967 3313 or 540 223 0850, you will be glad you did!

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