Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lake Anna Stripers are Rockin

 Lee, Jeanne and Bryan with Jim

 Eric, Kendall, Jack, Alex, Bennett and Phil

 Yup we are on 'em!

 Josh and Crew

 Brian and Crew

 Robert and Lee

Scott and Bob
Trolling with Dale

Sunny and Hot, It's July!

Lake Anna Striper fishing is HOT and will only get better in August. I tried to take a morning off today but Bryan called me about 6:30 and said he and Lee had limited out and was just going to scout around for a couple hours to find fish for this weeks clients and asked me if my wife and I wanted to come out and catch some Stripers. It was a pretty morning and Jeanne wanted to go for a morning boat ride so we met Bryan on the water. An hour later Jeanne had almost broke her arm reeling in fish and was ready to get off of that boat. She said the testosterone level on that boat was way too much for her! If enjoying beautiful Lake Anna on a pretty morning catching Stripers sounds fun to you, check us out.  540 967 3313  540 223 0850   You Will Be Glad You Did!

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