Friday, March 12, 2021

We Are Back!

                Pastor Mike, Pastor Mark, Anthony, Floyd, Ray and Greg 


                                   Don and Bubba                                

        Shaggy and Mikey


           Kamden and Brandon

                  Pastor Ross's recent catches                       


    Well it has been quite a long time since I posted. I took the winter off and enjoyed Florida and Georgia. Bryan kept busy with his waterfowl club and now is on the water daily either taking clients out or prefishing for future charters. Don and Bubba are planting brushpiles for Crappie and taking clients out for Stripers as well as Crappie. Lee has ordered a brand new boat which hopefully will be here for service in a month or so. Can't wait to see this boat when he finishes it, he is rigging it himself with all the latest electronics and gear necessary to give his clients a first class experience. Until his boat is ready he will be guiding out of my second boat. Dale is waiting for the trolling season to begin and is ready to go.  I took my first charter out yesterday and my clients had a great morning hauling in Stripers. It was encouraging to see how healthy the fish are and their size. They averaged about 24 inches and only had a couple of throw backs. The population and health of Lake Anna Stripers and Crappie this year possibly will be the best it has been for many years, thanks to the biologists at DGIF. We are now booking charters for this year and we would recommend reserving your dates well in advance. As we start posting pics of our catches it doesn't take long for our calender's to fill. We will be raising our prices this year but the 2018 pricing on my rate page will stay in effect for bookings until they are changed on the website. If you would like fish with the Pro's and reserve a charter on beautiful Lake Anna, contact   540 967  3313   540 223 0850 or, You will be glad you did!

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