Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Lake Anna gives up another Citation

                                              Lizzy with her Citation Wyper

                                 Birthday Boy JR Enoch and Lizzy

 Today was an interesting day. Enoch bought this charter for his nephew's birthday and they wanted to go out with me to catch bait. We met at 4:30, caught 70 beautiful baits and started fishing at 6:45. I had told them my spiel about if they reel before they pick up the rod when a fish hooks up and keep the rod bent most of the fish will end up in the boat. Well this crew took it to heart and did exactly as I recommended and boated 16 beautiful Stripers by 7:45. Needless to say that is a lot of action for an hour of fishing! JR and Enoch are holding up Stripers and Lizzy is holding up the Citation Wyper. The fishing is fast and furious on Lake Anna, come on down and enjoy a morning of fishing with the Pro's. Check us out at www.JimHemby.com or contact us at 540 967 3313  Jim_Hemby@hotmail.com  540 223 0850  You Will Be Glad You Did!

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