Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Lake Anna Stripers 5/15 - 5/17

                        Zack Hammond 5/15

                                           Calvin with a nice Largemouth 5/15

                                  Mike and family with Bryan 5/16

                                  Larry and Marty w/Don 5/17

                                 Ed, Jake and Calvin w/Bryan 5/15

                        Bubba and Don's Clients

                                              Bob 5/15

                                  Bob, Bobby and Zack Hammond 5/15 w/LEE

Stripers are transitioning from spawning shallow to summer patterns. Within a week or so the summer bite will be on fire ushering in Morning catches of 50 to 100 Stripers. In June and July our guides locate large schools then we team up to keep all of our clients catching Stripers. Many of our clients refer to this type of fish as the wolf pack [4 or 5 of our guides]  aggressively working a school following them for miles enjoying constant action. To fish with one of our Pro's this summer book early and check us out at www.JimHemby.com or contact us at 540 967 3313   Jim_Hemby@hotmail.com   540 223 0850, You Will Be Glad You Did!

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