Friday, May 07, 2021

Lake Anna Stripers are Feeding!

                                   Curtis with a nice Citation Wiper 4/4

                                  Curtis and Skylar with Bubba 4/4

                                 Elman, Marlin, Wldemar, Nataly, Lucy, Daniela and Emmanuel

                                 With Bryan 4/4

                                  Joe and Ryan with Don 4/4

                                  Doug, Bubba, Leighla with Bubba 4/2

                                   Walt, Joyce, Dave and Vickey with Bubba 4/2 

 This year is certainly panning out to be a great year for fishing for Stripers on beautiful Lake Anna. April fishing was great and May is even better. Traditionally June and July fishing is the best of the year with catches reaching up into the hundreds a morning. To reserve a charter with one of our Pro's check out or contact us at 540 967 3313  540 223 0850

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