Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jim Burroughs with father Chuck

April 3rd, 2007: Sunny and hot , Water temp 63* and clear.
Tried to catch bait early with little success so I picked up clients and threw for 2 hours to catch enough bait to get started. Set up on a 20 foot flat with 10 planner boards and a bobber . Just as I finished putting out my last board one went off and we reeled it in. We no sooner netted it when the bobber went off. I knew we had a big fish because the rod just bent over and when Jim started reeling it in it appeared he was reeling in a log. I told him he had a Monster Striper hooked up and to keep constant pressure on it and he handled it like a pro. After a 5 minute fight the fish was up along side of the boat and we got our first look at it . I netted the fish and we weighed the Striper and it was 21 pounds but it was very happy to see us and milked up the deck pretty bad. I decided to take it to the marina and get a citaiton for it before it lost to much weight. My clients were ruined after that fish and wanted to only fish for big fish the rest of the day so thats what we did. Shown are a couple of the fish that we caught today.

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