Monday, April 09, 2007

Rich Lensis and Jerry Dunphy

April 9, 2007: Partly Cloudy and Cold, Water Temp 53* and falling.
Caught bait yesterday so we started fishing at daylight. Since the water temp has dropped 10 degrees in a few days I set up on a deep flat outside a creek where bait was present. I told my clients last night I thought the bite would be slow today due to all the bait pulling out of the creeks and the extreme drop in water temp. I set up a spread of 12 lines and pulled 1000 yards with only 3 hits. I did not see and bait or fish shallow and the bait was balled up tight and hanging out at 20 feet. After checking numerous flats I decided the fish were not going to come up and feed so I put downlines out and put baits right in their faces. They still were very lethargic and would just nudge the baits. My clients were troupers and hung in there on a very cold day and we ended up putting 7 Stripers in the boat.

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