Monday, April 23, 2007

Scott Webster, J D Edwards, Michael Sauter and son Mike

April 23, 2007: Sunny and 83*, Water Temp 64* and Clear.
Well, the weather is warming up and so is the fishing. Picked my clients up at their dock at 5am and went and caught bait. Set up on a 10' flat and put out a spread of 10 Water Bugzs , a bobber and a downline. I knew with the warming trend the fish should move up on the flat to feed but was leery of all the boat traffic this weekend and a jerk in a Center Console Quest that was probably the most inconsiderate boater I have encountered this year. Having got that off my chest, We started getting hits as soon as we hit the flat . I was running both Herring and Big Gizzards and the Herring were the first to go off. Strikes were steady as long as boaters stayed off the flat. The fish stayed up within 15 feet of water for 4 hours then pulled off. I then went out to the tips of points in 25 feet of water and put downlines in their faces to get a few more hits. The wind blew us off the water and when the day was over we had 32 hits and clients ended up keeping 12 Stripers. One of the guys felt sorry for 7 of the fish and released them before he decided to keep any. [I won't mention your name Mike]

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