Friday, July 06, 2007

George Hussey with friends Paul, Gary and maybe still Tom

July 6th, 2007 : Sunny and Warm, Water temp 83* and Clear.
Caught bait this morning and had to blow an hour waiting on a couple guys so we just sightseed for awhile. Picked rest of clients up at 6:30am and looked for schools of Stripers. There had to be 2 dozen Striper fisherman out this morning and they were pounding everything that I had been fishing this week so I just went away from all the boat traffic and looked in areas that I haven't checked on lately. Knowing there are 100's of schools in the lake I knew it would only take time to locate some fish. I set my clients up first on a small school to show them how to put lines in then moved to another location where I found a school on a ledge. We put out 8 downlines baited with Herring and the action began. Occasionly we had numerous lines down but for the most part of the morning it was just steady action as long as I kept the boat next to the dropoff. I am sure fishing sucked today by listening to all the chatter on the radio and the 5 or 6 friends I knew on the water were not doing well. We hung in there and ending up using every one of our 200+ baits and caught 40 Stripers today by 10 , clients keeping 19 to take home. Tom razzed George pretty hard this morning , seems everyone was catching the same amount of fish until George put suntan lotion on, then his rods saw very little action. I think Tom wanted to take advantage of Georges handicap and was pleased he may finally out-fish George. Paybacks may be Hell Tom!

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