Thursday, July 05, 2007

Senior and Eddie Saghafi

July 5 th, 2007; Sunny and Pleasant, Water temp 83* and clear.

Picked clients up at High Point at 5:30 am and went and caught Herring. Made 3 casts and put 200 in my tank and also caught enough for a friend. Set up on a 24' flat where I saw some broke up fish and caught a couple but I didn't like it enough to stay so we looked elsewhere. I was just getting ready to set out a spread over a school in 30' of water when John hollered out on the radio " Jim come quick, I need help !" Before he unkeyed his mike I was up on plane and went directly to him, sitting down 100 away so as not to spook the school. We put out 8 downlines and the action began with both clients hooking up at once. For the next 45 minutes we stayed over the school and believe it or not the well seasoned crew of two kept up with the action. I pulled off of the fish because buzzards had seen us catching fish and had moved in on us. I moved and they must of thought the fish had left so they left too. We looked for about 10 minutes and went back to the school I saw an hour before and set up on them and for the next hour caught fish after fish after fish. We worked them till we ran out of bait and called it quits for the day. We were off the water around 9 this morning , had 200 strikes catching 35 Stripers and 16 Catfish, keeping 12 Stripers to take home.

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