Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gary Skillicorn, George Barboza and Paul Henon

Oct.13th, 2007 : Sunny and cool, Water Temp. 74*
Picked clients up at 6:45 and went and caught bait. Set up on 20' flats pulling boards and running downlines. Hooked up with a downline and a freeline at the same time then went a 1/2 mile without another hit. Worked a little shallower and hit another area in 16 feet of water where we had 8 hits but the fish were not wanting to eat the bait and only put one fish in the boat. Went and caught more bait and found a school of Stripers in 32' ,put downlines in their faces and caught only 1 before the school evaporated. Found another school, again putting downlines on them, catching a couple more. Fishing was slow today following a major cold front that blew through yesterday. I am surprised we caught what we did. Hopefully the lake will cool down enough to turn the fish on.

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