Thursday, October 18, 2007

Greg and Bubby Whitlock

October 18th, 2007 : Partly Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 73* and Clear.
Got out on the water early to catch bait, picked my clients up at 7am. Right off the bat found a school of fish blowing up on the edge of a flat but could not fish them due to other boaters also seeing the fish and crowding the area. Too many times when we are on fish and the fish show themselves inconsiderate fisherman run in and either cut our lines and always spook the schools. We simply left and set up on a school in 25 feet of water. Lost that school quickly and went and set up on a 20' flat and pulled boards and downlines but only got hit on the downlines. Went and caught bait and located a major school and we couldn't get the baits out quick enough for the Stripers would hook up and it took some time for Bubby to get the fish in. Greg would help me netting the fish and once we got all the lines out Greg participated in the fun. The fish hit both boards and downlines but we really nailed more fish on the downlines. Bubby caught the bass in the picture right up on the bank. We returned a lot of nice keeper Stripers to the Lake to fight another day and the guys kept only 8 to take home for the freezer.

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