Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jim, Bob and Jerry Van Camp with Guy Axtel and Frank Schreiber II

October 4th, 2007 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water temp 78*.
Got on the water early to catch bait and caught only 16 pieces and went to pick clients up at 7am. They showed up late so we went and caught enough bait to get started. Didn't get started fishing to almost 8:30 so we missed the early bite.
Set up on 20' flats and pulled 9 planner boards, a bobber and 6 downlines and on the first 300 yard pull we caught a 28" Striper and had 4 more hits that just wouldn't hook up. I turned around and ran it again with no luck so we hit similar flats nearby with limited success. The fog finally broke around 11 and once the sun cam out the Stripers pulled off the flats to the ledges. We hit one school with 10 of our lines going off and tangling up the other 5. We retied and turned around but they had moved on. We located them again and worked on them some more. Today we had 38 strikes , boating 8 Stripers and a couple of Cats. We lost a half dozen at the boat.

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