Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Craig, Maria, Caleb, Aaron and Mitchell Briggs

July 29th, 2009: Cloudy and pleasant, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
Got out very early this morning to catch bait because some terrible thunder storms were blowing up and down the lake. [Bait can be difficult to catch sometimes during and after a storm]. Picked the Briggs family up at 5:30 at High Point and explained to them how to deploy the baits. I looked for a school of Stripers and ran over about 15 to 20 fish on the Lowrance so I decided to set up on them. This was the first set up and I knew there would be problems with getting the baits out correctly [5:30 is mighty early for kids to listen to instructions in the summer when they are use to not getting up until 8]. We got 8 out of 11 rods out before the first hook-up then it was madness for the next hour. Maria was the first to completely understand exactly how the baits needed to be deployed and it showed, every time she would put a bait out it would hook up. Gradually Mitchell got it and then everyone else understood and the bettter they put the baits in the more fish would hook up. We would have all the lines out of the water taking fish off and loose the school, I would get back on my big motor and find them again and we would put baits back in the Stripers face and hook-up again and again. We started the day off with 200 baits and by 8:15 we were down to 30. Fifteen minutes later we had used them up and had limited out, catching a very respectable stringer of Stripers. They kept 24 Stripers [130 pounds] and released others to fight again. Once the boys understood how to put the baits in everyone caught fish and did exceptionally well. I left the marina this morning with Craig cleaning Stripers and I am not sure but I think they were going to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" for lunch.

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