Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anthony, Stephanie and DP

Sunday, January 24th, 2010: Cloudy, Cold. Rain and Drizzle, Water Temperature 45* and Clear.
Anthony and his daughter got out very early this morning, caught bait and picked DP up at High Point before daylight. He headed to an area where he located and caught some nice fish
yesterday morning and set out a spread of Planner boards. He had set the boards up prior to hitting the "Juice" and when he pulled up on it all nine rods hooked up. Naturally you could see them scrambling around the boat a mile away fighting the Stripers, and by the time they got all the fish in the boat there were 7 boats on the flat. With that kind of pressure Anthony pulled off the area and relocated where there were less boats hoping to be able to fish without boat traffic. The move payed off and although they did not hook up all rods at once they had constant action and before noon came off the water with some fish for the table. I had called Anthony on his phone this morning and was talking with him for about 10 minutes. During that conversation Stephanie screamed at least 6 times with excitement of fish hooking up and enjoying the battle the Stripers were giving her. Eventually Anthony had to hang up when they hooked up 4 fish at a time, DP and Stephanie needed help with the madness. DP talked Anthony in getting a father-daughter picture today, and a sweet one it is. Stephanie has been fishing with her Dad all here life and it is good to see her back out again. She is not only a great angler but also knows how to hit a golf ball also. Today they released about two thirds of the fish they caught unharmed to
fight again.

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Anonymous said...

I have been out with Jim on at least 15 trips but if he got Stephanie to guide and Michael to be her first mate I would book more trips with the offspring duo.