Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bill Hamilton with guests Roy, Dave and Ski

Thursday, January 28th, 2010: Sunny, cloudy, Sunny and WINDY, Water Temperature 46* and Clear.
Caught bait early this morning and met the guys at the dock at 6:30, put the boat in the water and went fishing. I set up downlake trying to keep my boat over 2o feet of water with planner boards. I was hoping to get my whole spread out but we started taking hits after I got the 5th line in. I played catch up for the next 30 minutes, the action was steady but the wind was getting up quick. By 7:20 I could not keep the baits in the water so we reeled them in and made a move. My intentions now were to work an area where I knew fish were but also try to stay out of the ever increasing wind as much as I could. I only got 3 lines in the water this time and we hooked up, over 45 feet of water! We got the fish in the boat and I put a dozen boards and a bobber out and continued to work an area of 20 foot flats dropping off to 45 foot flats. I also put out a downline, but it never took a hit today. About 8:15 clouds rolled in and and the sky's darkened, and so did the fishing. The whole time the sun was under the clouds we never got hit. About 10 the clouds began to break up and we started putting fish in the boat again. All our fish today came on boards over very deep water. By noon my batteries were struggling and by 1 we had to come off the water, the wind gusts were out of control. Although it was very windy and a little cool this morning we all had a good day, everyone caught fish and we kept some for dinners. Bill has some connection with a Lake Anna publication, it is a great bi-yearly book advertising local businesses with some informative articles regarding the lake and local attractions. He can be reached at .

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