Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nathan "The Birthday Boy"

January 27th, 2010: Partly Sunny and Cold, Water Temperature 46* and Clear.
I got out early and caught bait, met Nathan and was on the water at 6:30. Last year Nathan went out with me on a windy day on his 28th birthday and by 9am the wind was getting pretty bad, I suggested lets try to catch 28 Stripers and get off the water. Well the wind got too bad for us and we only ended up with 26 last year so he wanted to redeem himself this year. We were scheduled for Friday but some weather is suppose to blow in so we changed the trip to today. Again his friends backed out on him going on the trip so he came by himself. Yesterday I told him the action would probably too much for him to handle by himself and I suggested I
invite a friend of mine who enjoys videoing trips and Nate agreed to have him come along. We got out our spread and started taking hits immediately. I attempted to keep baits in the water and Brian filmed the action while Nathan handled the poles. For a while it worked out pretty well but there were times when numerous rods would go off that it got pretty harry. We enjoyed the first 3 hours of the morning then decided to make a move. By now the wind was getting up so we pulled a few flats where the wind was blocked by the bank somewhat and got right back into the action. We worked the area for about an hour and a half and Nathan said he had had enough so we called it a day. By now the wind was up pretty good, everyone was tired and it was a good time to call it a day. We all lost count of how many Stripers we caught and released today, I had left Nate in charge of counting but he messed that up in the first 30 minutes of the morning. We agreed when we came off the water around noon that we had to have had at least 30 hook-ups this morning. The main thing was that Nathan had a great time, he hand picked the fish he wanted to take home and cook [rumor has it that he is a great cook], he has some wonderful footage of his battles today and that his check clears. [Just kidding, he paid cash]

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