Friday, March 18, 2011

A beautiful morning on the lake.

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 55* to 58*.
Knowing it was going to be the warmest day of the year so far I picked my grandson up yesterday from school and brought him home so we could go fishing this morning. We got up and out early, hung lights, caught Herring and went fishing. As we were putting our spread out of a dozen planner boards and a couple free lines we noticed Stripers busting behind behind us. I knew fish were in the area prior to setting up but was hoping the fish would be about 200 yards ahead of me. Unfortunately we were heading one direction and the fish the other. That really was not a bad thing, with that large a spread it would have been difficult for Michael to handle any more action than we had. Mike would hook up, get the fish in and another rod would go off. Much better than 4 or 5 going off at once and getting my spread tangled up. The Stripers were on a major feed for about an hour, we kept seeing sprays behind us where the fish were working bait. The second Striper Micheal caught was gagging on bait, in addition to the bait we caught him on he also had a Threadfin, a Herring and a Gizzard in his mouth. With the moon as bright as it was last night every Striper on the lake gorged themselves and I knew the bite this morning would be brief. We steadily caught fish till a couple Bass boats ran nearby us then I told Mike the fish would quit feeding. He wanted to fish the area so we did for another hour without catching another fish there. We made a move and fished another area for awhile but after the 50th boat passed us I told Mike we had to go. We had a great morning while it lasted, Mike caught fish till his arms were burning but he wouldn't give up. We ended up catching over 15 but honestly I lost count, kept a few for a friend and got off the water. It looked like a zoo out there with all the boats buzzing by. I guess if Michael is going to play "Hookie" from school fishing is a great way to do it.

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Kim Barlow said...

That kid is a cutie!!